Bruno Ferrandis
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Bruno Ferrandis

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Upcoming concerts

27/06/2024 - 18:30 - NODO FESTIVAL OSTRAVA - Ostrava /Antonín Dvořák Theatre

Music & libretto: František Chaloupka
Dramaturgy: Petr Jan Kryštof
Conductor: Bruno Ferrandis
Live Cinema: Tomáš Hlaváček
Costume design: Borjan Litovski
Director and stage design: Rocc
World premiere, 80’

30/06/2024 - 18:30 - NODO FESTIVAL OSTRAVA - Ostrava/Antonín Dvořák Theatre

The Little Lives- Opera for five singers and chamber ensemble, 2020–22
Music: Ann Cleare
Libretto: A.L. Kennedy
Conductor: Bruno Ferrandis
Stage design: David Bazika
Costume design: Marta Roszkopfová
Director: Jiří Nekvasil
Czech premiere, 90’

Biography of conductor Bruno Ferrandis

BRUNO FERRANDIS named « Laureate Conductor” of Santa Rosa Symphony in June 2018
Twelve years Music Director in California, Bruno Ferrandis was awarded the ASCAP Prize, for the most challenging Repertoire of season 2013-2014.

He has studied with Leonard Bernstein, Franco Ferrara, Sixten Ehling among others.

Graduated from Juilliard School, named Resident Conductor of Juilliard Opera Center, and co-founder of Ensemble “Music Mobile” with composer Martin Matalon in NYC.

His experience encompasses all genres: Opera, symphonic, Ballet and cinematic music.

Resident conductor at Canadian Opera Company, Toronto, collaborated with directors such as John Neville, Robert Lepage, Atom Egoyan, Steven Wadsworth, Martha Clarke. He is the Music Director for Opera at the Banff Art Center (Alberta).

In Asia, conducts Hong Kong Philharmonic and Sinfonietta, Seoul Philharmonic, Tokyo New National Theater.

He conducts the Jerusalem Symphony, the Polish Radio (Autumn Festival), State Opera (Prague), the Belgrade Philharmonic, orchestras of Madrid RTVE, Sevilla, Valencia in Spain, Lübeck and Coburg orchestras (Germany), Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro Genova (Italy), Orchestre de Monte Carlo, Radio France Orchestra where he records CDs of composers: Ballif, Prin and Essyad for Naxos and MFA Labels.

In the U.S.A he conducts the Buffalo Philharmonic, Hawai Symphony, Charlotte Orchestra for the National Flute Association.
In Colombia, the Bogotà Philharmonic.

He conducts lyric productions at: Opera Ireland (Dublin), Opéra Comique (Paris), San Francisco Conservatory, l’ Opéra de Nice, l’ Opéra de Tours. He received in 1997 the “Critic Prize” for Manfred Gurlitt’s “Wozzeck” with Opéra de Rouen.

He directs modern Ensembles: Klang Forum (Vienna) for the film “Metropolis” of Fritz Lang with Martin Matalon’s score, with “Kronos Quartet” and Edmund Campion’s music, and many creators: George Tzontakis, Augusta Read-Thomas, Gyorgy Kurtag.

Since 2017 he is a guest conductor of both Opera and symphonic Festival “Ostrava Days” in the Czech Republic where he premieres numerous composers and famous ones such as:
Varèse, Xenakis, Sciarrino, Neuwirth, Ayres and many others.
In parallel he conducts since April 2021 a new production of Manon, with the Opera Ostrava
(Narodni Divadlo) and gets the “Prize for best lyric production” in 2018 for Aloïs Haba’s “Thy Kingdom Comes”.

In 2023, he returns to Ostrava for Manon, the “Ostrava Days Festival”, and will conduct again the Bogotà Philharmonic in Colombia, as well as the Santa Rosa Symphony Orchestra.

Répertoire Symphonique

Adams Chairman Dances Fox Trot
Short Ride in a Fast Machine
The Dharma at Big Sur for electric violin - solo: T. Silverman (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Anderson First Day of Spring, Horse and Buggy, Jazz Legato (O. Friuli Venezia)
Aponte-Ledée La Ventana Abierta (Juilliard Symphony)
Ayres Richard Concerto for Horn N°36 (Ostravska Banda, Ostrava Days) – solo: D. Costello
Bach J.S. Brandenburg Concertos n°2, 3, 4, 5 (Lyon Conservatory)
Magnificat BWV 243 (O. Pablo Sarasate)
Concerto for piano in F – solo: K. Esainko
Concerto for violin in E Major - solo: J. Edelberg
Harpsichord Concerto in D minor (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Bakla Petr Summer Work (Ostravska Banda, Ostrava Days)
Piano Concerto - solo: M. Beinhauer
Ballif Le Livre du Serviteur Op. 59 (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
CD Label MFA
Barber Adagio (Juilliard Orchestra)
Medea’s Dance Op. 23 A (Tanglewood Seminar)
Bartok Divertimento for strings (Flaine Festival)
Viola Concerto (O. National d’Ile de France)
Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta
Rumanian Folk Dances
Concerto for piano n°3 – solo: C. O’Riley
Miraculous Mandarin Suite
Concerto for Orchestra
Concerto for piano n°2 - solo: O. Weiss (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Beethoven Ritter’s Musik (O. Friuli Venezia)
Symphonies n°1 to n°8 (Santa Rosa Symphony/Teatro Regio/Aspen Music Festival/O.Avignon/O. Phil. Lorraine/O. Rouen/O. Friuli Venezia)
Coriolan overture
Concertos for piano 1 to 5- solo: I. Fliter/P. Bianconi/J. Kahane/Y. Sudbin
Concerto for violin – solo: Vadim Gluzman/Rachel Barton-Pine
Triple Concerto – solo: Eroïca Trio
Beethoven Symphony n°9 - solo: S. Sulker, E. Dowd,B. Brecher,P. Skinner (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Berg Concerto for violin « Memory of an Angel » - solo: G. Apap
Sieben Frühe Lieder - solo: C. Brandes (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Berio Requies (Jerusalem Symphony)
Folk Songs - solo E. Dowd
Rendering – Schubert Symphony n°10 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Berlioz Le Corsaire O. Phil. Lorraine)
Damnation de Faust excerpts (O. Phil. Monte-Carlo)
Harold en Italie (Riverside O. NYC)
Romeo and Juliet Introduction
Symphonie Fantastique (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Bernstein Candide (Juilliard Symphony)
On the Town « Three Dance Episodes »
Symphonic Dances « West Side Story »
Jeremiah Symphony – solo: C. Brandes
Halil for Flute – solo: J. Ferrandis (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Bizet Carmen Prélude, Entr’acte to Act III, IV (Juilliard Symphony)
Symphony n°1 (Juilliard Pre-College)
Boccherini Concerto for violoncello G 482 – solo: E. Rungge (Aspen Music Festival)
Borodine Polovtsian Dances (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Bottesini Concerto for Contrabass – solo: D. Marillier (Flaine Festival)
Boulez Dérive, Mémoriale (Music Mobile, NY)
Boyce Arden Court Ballet (Juilliard Symphony)
Brahms Concerto for piano n°2 - solo: N. Krieger
Brahms/Schoenberg G minor quartet (Buffalo Philharmonic)
Variation on a Haydn theme, Serenade in D Major (Juilliard Symphony)
Violin Concerto - solo: E. Vähälä
Concerto for piano n°1 – solo: A. Bax
Academic, Tragic overtures
Symphonies n°1, n°2, n°3, n°4
German Requiem – solo: J. Sykes, K. Clift (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Brewbaker Blue Fire (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Britten Symphony for violoncello - solo: Z. Bailey
Four Sea Interludes (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Bruckner Symphony n°9 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Bruch Scottish Fantasy Op. 45 - solo: A. Akiko-Meyers (Aspen Music Festival)
Kol Nidrei - solo : M. Beiser (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Campion Hold that Thought
Concerto for String Quartet World Première - solo: Kronos Quartet (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Carlson The Promise of Time (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Chabrier Danse Slave, Bourrée Fantasque, Suite Pastorale, Joyeuse Marche (Orchestre National de Lille)
Chaynes Flute Concerto « Via Ercolensi » - solo : J. Ferrandis (O. Symphonique Français)
Cherney Et la Solitude (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
Chopin Concerto for piano n°2 – solo: Berenika (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Constant Chants de Retour (Bachchor/Bachorchester Mainz)
Copland Symphony n°3, Short Symphony, Quiet City (Juilliard Symphony)
Billy the Kid (Académie Fontainebleau)
Cantata for Freedom (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Dao Jiao-Hoa Sinfonia (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
Daugherty Lex (Music Mobile, NY)
Debussy Nocturnes (Opéra de Marseille)
La Mer (O. RTVE, Madrid/Hawaï Symphony)
L’Après-midi d’un Faune (Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra)
La Boîte à Joujoux (O. Symphonique Français)
Danse Sacrée et Profane for harp – solo : M.P. Langlamet (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Delerue Concerto de l’Adieu for violin - solo : B. Gardey (O. Lamoureux)
Dukas L’Apprenti Sorcier (Juilliard Symphony)
La Péri excerpts (O. Philarmonique de Monte-Carlo)
Dun Crouching Tiger – solo : M. Beiser (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Dusapin Apex (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
Dutilleux Métaboles
Tout un Monde Lointain for violoncello - solo : C. Polterra (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Dvorak Symphony n°7 (Juilliard Symphony)
Serenade for strings (Aspen Music Festival)
Concerto for piano- solo W. Manz (O. der Hansestadt Lübeck)
Symphony n°9
Rusalka overture
Concerto for violoncello – solo: J. Albers (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Elgar Concerto for violoncello – solo: Z. Bailey
Enigma Variations (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Enesco Rumanian Rhapsody Op. 11 n°1 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Essyad Tifounacine (Juilliard Symphony)
L’exercice de l’Amour (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
CD Label MFA
Fairouz Pax Universalis World Première (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Falla El Sombrero de Tres Picos Ballet (Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa/Opéra de Nice)
Nights in the Gardens of Spain - solo: G. Olhsson (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Fauré Masques et Bergamasques (O. de Valencia)
Pelléas et Mélisande (O. RTVE, Madrid)
Requiem - solo: M. Deloach, C. Sieden
Elégie for violoncello – solo: A. Akiko-Kearns (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Gander Fête, Gare (Klangforum, Wien)
Gasser Sonoma Overture World Première (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Gershwin Concerto for piano in F - solo: G. Martinez
An American in Paris
Rhapsody in Blue
Cat Fish Row Suite
Cuban overture (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Ginastera Estancia Op. 8b
Concerto for Harp - solo: M.P. Langlamet (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Glinka Ruslan and Ludmila (Accademia Chiggiana, Siena)
Golijov Mariel for violoncello – solo: M. Beiser (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Grieg Concerto for piano - solo: P. Bianconi (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Gubaïdulina Fairytale Poem (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Hagen Interior (Juilliard Symphony)
Holst The Planets (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Haendel Water Music (N. J. S. O.)
Hartmann Concerto Funebre for violin – solo: D. Grimal (O. de Cannes)
Haydn Symphony n° 82, n°88, n°94, n°99, n°100, n°101, n°103, n°104 (Santa Rosa Symphony/Juilliard Symphony/Jerusalem Symphony/O. Pablo Sarasate)
Notturno II (Music Mobile, NY)
Missa in Angustiis « Nelson Mass »
Missa in Tempore Belli – solos : J. Samuelson, C. Brandes (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Hindemith Trauermusik for viola (Juilliard Pre-College)
Holst The Planets (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Hovhaness Meditation on Orpheus (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Hurel Pour Luigi (Music Mobile, NY)
Ibert Escales (Juilliard Symphony)
Concerto for Flute - solo: J. Ferrandis (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Ives Central Park in the Dark (ONO, Ostrava Days)
Janacek From the House of the Dead, Katya Kabanova overtures (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Kagel Konzertstück, Les Idées Fixes, Quodlibet – solo : M. Viard (O. Polish Radio, Warsaw)
Kander New York New York (O. Friuli Venezia)
Kang Sukhi Concerto for piano - solo : K. W. Paik (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
Khatchaturian Gayane Suite, Masquerade Suite (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Kim Where Grief Slumbers (Aspen Music Festival)
Kodaly Galanta Dances (Juilliard Symphony)
Kurtag Quasi une Fantasia…solo : P. Muzijevic (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Kusyakov Concerto for accordeon - solo: Y. Shishkin (Bogotà Philharmonic)
Lalo Symphonie Espagnole (Juilliard Symphony)
Concerto for violoncello – solo : G. Hoffman (O. de Valencia)
Landowski Ode à Sainte Dévote (O. Phil. de Monte-Carlo)
Lang Bernhard Monadologie XXXIX-redux –solo : H. Kotkova (ONO, Ostrava Days)
Lang Klauss Die Bärtige Frau for organ – solo : K. Lang (ONO, Ostrava Days)
Lehar Ballsirenen overture (O. Friuli Venezia)
Lemeland Battle Pieces narrator B. Sugarman (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Ligeti Lontano (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Kammerkonzert (Music Mobile, NY)
Liszt Les Préludes
Concerto for piano n°1, Totentanz – solo : V. Lisitsa (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Malédiction, Concerto for piano n°2 - solo : H. du Plessis (Flaine Festival)
Mahler Symphony n°7 « Leonard Bernstein Masterclass » (Juilliard Symphony)
Lieder E. Fahrenden Gesellen - solo: J. Kreitzler
Symphony n°1
Symphony n°3 – solo: A. Fisher
Symphony n°9
Symphony n°10 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Maresz Charme Solaire (Juilliard Symphony)
Zig-Zag (O. Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo)
Martinu Concerto for piano and timpani (O. National de Bordeaux Aquitaine)
Frescoes Piero della Francesca (O. Philharmonique de Lorraine)
Marquez Danzon n°2 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Massenet Méditation de Thaïs (Opéra de Nice)
Matalon Themes and Reinterpretations, Cosmogonia (Juilliard Symphony)
Metropolis 1995 version (Hong Kong Arts Festival/Klangforum Wien)
Metropolis 2010 version (Sonic Generator, Atlanta Symphony)
De Tiempo y de Metal (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Maric Octoïcha 3 (Belgrade Philharmonic)
Matre Resurgence (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Mendelssohn Symphony n°3, n°5 (Juilliard Symphony)
Midsummer Night’s Dream Op. 21 (O. d’Avignon)
Concerto for violin, Fingal’s Cave (Accademia Chiggiana, Siena)
Symphony n°4 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Messager Les Deux Pigeons Ballet (O. Opéra de Nice)
Messiaen Un Sourire
Turangalila Symphony (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Miaskovsky Concerto for violoncello - solo: G. Hoffman
Salutary Overture (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Milhaud Le Boeuf sur le Toit (Seoul Philharmonic)
La Création du Monde (O. Pablo Sarasate)
Polka de l’Eventail de Jeanne (O. Friuli Venezia)
Moe Riprap (Music Mobile, NY)
Mozart L. Cassation in G Major "Toy Symphony" (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Mozart W. A. Concert Arias K. 21, 32, 79, 83, 255, 295, 374, 416, 418, 419, 505, 512, 513, 534, 541, 578, 583.
Divertimento K.113
Serenade K.185
Marcia K. 189
Concerto for Horn K.447, K. 495 (Juilliard Symphony)
Symphony n° 28, 33, 39, 40, 41 (O. Pablo Sarasate/Juilliard Symphony/New.Jersey.Symphony.O/O. Phil.Monte-Carlo/Belgrade Philharmonic)
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik O. Pablo Sarasate)
Concerto for flute and harp – solo: J. Ferrandis flute, M.P. Langlamet harp (Manchester)
Concerto for oboe – solo: J.L. Capezali
Concerto for piano n° 15 K. 450 – solo : Claire Désert (O. Lamoureux)
Overtures of Figaro, Magic Flute, Don Giovanni
Concerto for Clarinet K. 622 – solo: R. Zajac
Concerto for Horn K. 417 - solo: D. Hinshaw
Сoncerto for 2 pianos n°10 - solo: Naughton Sisters
Sinfonia Concertante - solo: J. Edelberg violin, L. Prior viola
Concerto for violin n°5 - solo: B. Skride
Concerto for flute n°1 K.313 - solo: J. Ferrandis
Coronation Mass - Augsburg Boys Choir (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Murail Treize Couleurs du Soleil Couchant (Music Mobile, NY)
Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition
Night on a Bald Mountain
Prelude to Khovanshchina (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Musgrave The Beauty and the Beast Ballet (O. Opéra de Rouen)
Neuwirth Trurliade-Zone Zero for percussion - solo: V. Hanna (Ostravska Banda, Ostrava Days)
Olivero Batnun (Juilliard Symphony)
Orbon Partita n°2 (Juilliard Symphony)
Ortiz El Agua Incierta (Music Mobile, NY)
Concerto for bandoneon- solo: J.P. Joffre (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Paganini Concerto for violin n°1 - solo: D. Berlinsky (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Penderecki Als Jakob Erwachte (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Porrino Tre Canzoni Italiane (O. Friuli Venezia)
Porter Night and Day Suite (O. Friuli Venezia)
Poulenc Aubade (Centre trois Pierrots, Saint-Cloud)
L’Histoire de Babar (O. Phil. Lorraine)
La Pastourelle (O. Friuli Venezia)
Concerto for two pianos - solo: Naughton Sisters
Gloria (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Prokofiev Classical Symphony (Hong Kong Sinfonietta)
Concerto for violin n°1 Op. 19 (Juilliard Pre-College)
Peter and the Wolf (Juilliard Pre-College)
Summer Day Op. 65 bis (Aspen Music Festival)
Romeo and Juliet Ballet (O. Rouen)
Symphony n°5 (Bogotà Philharmonic)
Concertos for piano n°1 - solo: O. Kern
Concerto for piano n°2 – solo: J. Yang
Concerto for piano n°3 - solo: N. Paremski
Concerto for violin n°2 - solo: V. Gluzman
The Love of three Oranges Suite Op. 33 bis
Cinderella Suites Op. 107, Op.108, Op.109
Cantata "Alexander Nevsky" - solo: J. Kreitzer (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Rachmaninov Vocalise Op. 34 (Hong Kong Sinfonietta)
Rhapsody Theme Paganini – solo: P. Bianconi/J. Kimura-Parker
Concertos for piano n°1, n°2 – solo: O. Kern
Concerto for piano n°3 - solo: J. Kahane
Symphonic Dances
The Bells "Kolokola" - solo: J. Samuelson, C. Bengochea, P. Skinner (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Ranjbaran Magnum Opus W. P.
Concerto for viola - solo: P. Silverthrone (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Rataj Temporis Concerto for cymbalom - solo: J. Mikusek (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Movis Concerto for piano - solo: D. V. de Walle (ONO, Ostrava Days)
Ravel Le Boléro (Sevilla Symphony O.)
Ma Mère l’Oye (Accademia Chiggiana, Siena)
Valses Nobles et Sentimentales (O. National d’Ile de France)
Tzigane for violin - solo : B. Gardey (O. Lamoureux)
La Valse
Rhapsodie Espagnole
Concerto for piano in G – solo: C. Licad
Daphnis Suite n°1, Suite n°2 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Read-Thomas Prayer Bells (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Respighi Fontane di Roma (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Gli Ucelli "The Birds" (Hong Kong Sinfonietta)
Reynolds Watershed (Music Mobile, NY)
Rihm Ernster Gesang (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Rimsky-Korsakov Capriccio Espagnol (Accademia Chiggiana, Siena)
Golden Coquerel Suite
Sheherazade (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Rossini La Gazza Ladra, Il Barbiere di Sevilla, La Scala di Seta, William Tell overtures (Santa Rosa Symphony / N. J. S. O.)
Roussel Le Festin de l’Araignée (Accademia Chiggiana, Siena)
Pour une Fête de Printemps (Opéra de Marseille)
Saint-Saens Introduction and Rondo for violin (Juilliard Symphony)
Concerto for violin n°3 - solo : Tedi Papavrami (Opéra de Marseille)
Concerto for piano n°2 - solo: J. P. Collard (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Salonen L. A. Variations (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
Satie Entr’acte (Aspen Music Festival)
Parade Ballet (Teatro C. Felice, Genova)
Gymnopédies n°1, n°3 (Hawaï Symphony)
Sciarrino Giorno presso al Lago Nero for violin – solo: H. Kotkova (ONO, Ostrava Days)
Studi per il Mare (ONO, Ostrava Days)
Schoenberg Chamber Symphony Op. 9 (Juilliard Symphony)
Verklärte Nacht Op. 4 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Schumann Symphony n°3 (Juilliard Symphony)
Symphony n°1 (Bogotà Philharmonic)
Concerto for violoncello (Riverside O., NY)
Concerto for piano - solo : B. Rigutto (O. d’Avignon)
Manfred overture
Symphony n°2, n°4 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Sheng Tibetan Swing (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Shostakovich Concerto for violin n°1 – solo : T. Papavrami
Concerto for piano n°2 – solo : A. Toradze
Festival overture
Symphony n°1
Symphony n°5
Symphony n°10
Symphony n°11 n°11 Op.103 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Sibelius Finlandia
Concerto for violin – solo : Tedi Papavrami
Symphony n°2, n°4, n°5 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Smetana The Bartered Bride overture (Jerusalem Symphony)
Srnka Eighteen Agents for strings (Ostravska Banda, Ostrava Days)
Steinberg Dance Fantasy (Mannes College)
Strauss J. Waltzes, Polkas, Marches, Galops (O. Friuli Venezia/ O. Pablo Sarasate)
Strauss R. Concerto for oboe (Guildhall School, London)
Rosenkavalier Suite (Juilliard Symphony)
Don Juan (Juilliard Symphony)
Till Eulenspiegel (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Stravinsky Cantata Abraham and Isaac (Guildhall School, London)
Concerto in D (Festival de Flaine)
Jeux de Cartes (Juilliard Symphony)
Firebird Suite 1919 (Juilliard Symphony)
Pulcinella Suite (Académie Fontainebleau)
Octet (Music Mobile, NY)
Septet (Music Mobile, NY)
Concerto in D for violin - solo: M. Mitchell (Polish Radio O., Warsaw)
Concertino (O. National Bordeaux Aquitaine)
L’Histoire du Soldat (Music Mobile, NY)
Dumbarton Oaks (Juilliard Symphony)
Concerto for piano and Winds - solo : C. Désert (Opéra de Nice)
Scènes de Ballet (Opéra de Nice)
Symphony of Wind Instruments (Opéra de Nice)
Symphony in Three Movements (Opéra de Nice)
Le Sacre du Printemps (Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova)
Petrouchka (O. de Valencia)
Scherzo Fantastique
Pulcinella Ballet - solo: K. Scharich, J. Smucker, K. Eichelberger
Firebird Ballet 1910
Firebird Suite 1945
Symphony of Psalms (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Subotnik All my Hummingbirds (Music Mobile, NY)
Taïra Erosion I for flute – solo : B. Fromanger (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
Tchaïkovsky Swan Lake Ballet (Guildhall School, London)
Roccoco Variations (Flaine Festival)
Serenade for strings (Juilliard Symphony)
Concerto for violin – solo: N. Salerno- Sonnenberg
Concerto for piano n°1 - solo: J. Nakamatsu
Symphony n°4, n°5, n°6 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Telemann Concerto for three Horns (Riverside O., NY)
Ung Inner Voices (Juilliard Symphony)
Varèse Intégrales (Ostravska Banda, Ostrava Days)
Octandre (Music Mobile, NY)
Ionisation (O. Phil. Lorraine)
Vaughan-Williams Fantasia on a Theme of Tallis (Guildhall School, London)
Vasks Magnum Opus Premiere (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Verdi Nabucco, La Forza del Destino overtures
Aïda Triumphal March and Ballet
La Traviata Prelude to Act I
Requiem - solo: C. Major, C. Bengochea (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Villa-Lobos Bachanias Brasilieras n°5 (Hong Kong Sinfonietta)
Viñao Viviane Suite (O. Philharmonique de Radio France)
Wagner Siegfried Idyll, Die Meistersinger overtures (Accademia Chiggiana, N.J.S.O.)
Tristan Nachtsgesang
Tannhäuser overture
Tristan Prelude and Liebestod (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Der Ring (orchestra excerpts)
« Descent from Nibelheim »
« Ride of the Walkyries »
« Wotan’s Farewell »
« Magic Fire scene »
« Forest Murmurs »
« Siegfried’s Rhine Journey »
« Trauermarsch and Final Scene » (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Weber Oberon (Teatro Regio, Torino)
Euryanthe, Der Freischütz overtures (Guilhall School, London)
Concerto for bassoon (Guilhall School, London)
Concerto for clarinet Op.26 (Aspen Music Festival)
Konzertstück for piano - solo: G. Olhsson (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Webern Six pieces Op.6 (BBC Manchester O. Seminar)
Symphony Op.21 (O. de Cannes)
Passacaglia Op.1 (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Weill The Seven Deadly Sins - solo: U. Lemper, « Hudson Shad Quartet » (Santa Rosa Symphony)
Xenakis Persephasa for 6 percussions (ONO, Ostrava Days)

Répertoire Opéra

Ayres Richard N°50 The Garden (Nodo Opera Festival, Ostrava)
Argento Dominic Postcard from Morocco (Juilliard Opera Center)
Bartok Bluebeard’s Castle (Cover Conductor) (Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Philharmonic)
Beethoven Fidelio (Cover Conductor , Canadian Opera Company, Toronto,)
Berg Lulu (Cover Conductor, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto,)
Bizet Carmen (Brooklyn College)
Britten A Midsummer Night’s Dream Juilliard School)
The Turn of the Screw (Brooklyn College)
The Rape of Lucretia (Juilliard Opera Center)
Peter Grimes (Opéra de Nice)
Cavalli L’ Egisto (Guildhall School, London)
Daugherty Michael Jackie O (Banff Arts Festival)
Druckman Jacob Medea (Juilliard Opera Center)
Falla Manuel El retablo de Maese Pedro (Aspen Opera)
La Vida breve (Opéra de Nice)
Fleischmann Benjamin Le Violon de Rothschild (Juilliard Opera Center)
Gounod Faust (Opera Ireland, Dublin)
Gurlitt Manfred Wozzeck (Théâtre des Arts, Rouen,)
" Grand Prix de la Critique 1997" (Prize of French Critic)
Die Soldaten (Opéra de Nantes, ONPL)
Haba Aloïs Thy Kingdom Come (Ostrava Days, République tchèque)
« Prix de la meilleure production lyrique tchèque 2017/18» (Best Czech Production of the year/ Magazín Divadelní Noviny)
Heggie Jake Dead Man Walking (Opera Ireland, Dublin)
Janacek Katya Kabanova (Cover Conductor, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
Jenufa (Opéra de Tours)
Mascagni L'Amico Fritz (Juilliard Opera Center)
Cavalleria rusticana (Cover Conductor, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
Massenet Cendrillon (Orchester der Hansestadt Lübeck)
Manon (Narodni Divadlo Ostrava CZ)
Menotti The Saint of Bleecker Street (Spoleto Festival U.S.A.)
Amelia va al Ballo (Opéra de Nantes, ONPL)
Le Téléphone (Opéra de Lausanne)
Milhaud Les Malheurs d’ Orphée Op. 85 (Aspen Opera)
Le Pauvre Matelot Op. 92 (Aspen Opera)
Monteverdi/Berio Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (Aspen Opera)
Mozart Le Nozze di Figaro (Juilliard Opera Center)
Don Giovanni (Aspen Opera)
Apollo and Hyacinth (Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
La Clemenza di Tito (Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
Die Zauberflöte (Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
Die Entführung aus dem Serail (Festival d’Antibes –Lacoste)
Nicolaï The Merry Wives of Windsor (Guildhall School, London)
Offenbach Orphée aux Enfers (San Francisco Conservatory)
Peters Randolph Nosferatu (Cover Conductor, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
Puccini Madama Butterfly (Canadian Opera Company, Toronto, Cover Conductor)
La Tosca (Juilliard Opera Center)
La Bohème (Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
Il Tabarro (Cover Conductor, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
Rossini Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Canadian Opera Company, Toronto Cover Conductor)
Mosè in Egitto (Aspen Music festival Cover Conductor)
Rihm Wolfgang Jacob Lenz (Juilliard Opera Center)
Schoenberg Erwartung (Cover Conductor)
(Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Philharmonic)
Strauss Johann Die Fledermaus (Opéra de Nice)
Strauss Richard Salome (Canadian Opera Company, Toronto, Cover Conductor)
Stravinsky Symphonie de Psaumes /Oedipus Rex (Cover Conductor C O C Toronto)
Rake’s Progress (San Francisco Conservatory)
Mavra (Conservatoire Royal de Gand)
Le Rossignol (Conservatoire Royal de Gand)
TchaÏkovsky Eugene Onegin (Cover conductor Canadian Opera Company)
Ullmann Viktor Der Kaiser von Atlantis (Canadian Opera Company, Toronto)
Vaughan-Williams Hugh the Drover (Juilliard Opera Center)
Verdi Rigoletto (Opéra de Tours)
Falstaff (Juilliard Opera Center)
La Traviata (Festival d’Antibes – Lacoste)
La Forza del Destino (Juilliard Opera Center, Cover Conductor)
Viñao Ezequiel Viviane, suite de l’opéra Merlin (Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France)
Ward Robert The Crucible (Cover Conductor, Juilliard Opera Center)
Weill Kurt Die Sieben Todsünden (Juilliard Opera Center)
Wolf-Ferrari Ermanno Il Segreto di Susanna (Opéra de Nantes , ONPL)